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covid relief bill seniors

How the COVID-19 Relief Bill Aids Seniors

The American Rescue Plan Act relief bill covers families, health care, and some provisions that most directly affect older Americans.

photo of probate last will and testament estate law papers

What exactly is Probate?

What is probate? Probate is a legal proceeding to administer certain kinds of property (called probate property) owned by someone who has died (the decedent), to see that claims, expenses, and taxes are properly paid, and to see that the remaining estate is distributed to those entitled to receive it under the terms of the…
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estate plan documents on a table

12 Steps to an Estate Plan

You may have heard that you need to make an “estate plan,” but what does an estate plan cover, and how do you make one?   Here is a simple list of the most important estate planning issues to consider.   Make a will In a will, you state who you want to inherit your…
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